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How can energy healing be done online?

By Theresa Voigt | 7 October 2021

“How can you do energy healing online?” I’m sometimes asked this from clients who have only ever seen me for in person sessions. The answer is both complex and yet simple. Working ‘in’ your energy with you physically present, I place my hands on your body. Through touch and extra sensory awareness I navigate through…

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What really happens when we’re in the chrysalis?

By Theresa Voigt | 1 July 2021

The truth of the chrysalis is often obscured by the purposeful nature of transformation. Yet beneath the transformative process pools of doubt and fear can be found. It’s long been a belief that when in the chrysalis stage of change, a falling away must occur. But the process and consequences of that falling away are…

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Walking Ourselves Home

By Theresa Voigt | 1 July 2021

I’ve been working on a rebrand – of my fb page, my website, and if I’m honest, of my life. The past few months have seen me cracked wide open. I’ve had to look at myself from so many perspectives, and not shy away from what I find. There were some hard truths and I…

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Becoming Me

By Theresa Voigt | 31 March 2021

It’s been one heck of a ride, this whole ‘becoming me’ thing. Each time I’ve thought I’d reached ‘somewhere’, the world has turned and it’s like I start all over again. Is it this way for you too? I don’t normally share about my personal growth adventure. And yes I’ve reframed it to an adventure,…

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By Theresa Voigt | 13 October 2020

So often we go down pathways of expansion: learning what we are drawn to so that we can feel more, know more, be more. Sometimes this looks like taking new courses, reading books, listening to podcasts, receiving healing sessions, talking it through with our partner or friends, working with different practitioners, or even retreating into…

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From Shadow to Light

By Theresa Voigt | 19 June 2020

If there is one thing which we must all understand, it is that our Souls hold no shadow. Our Souls cannot. They are born of the Light, are made of the Light, and exist within the Light. Our human selves however, in trying to understand the nature of our Soul and how it is part…

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Start Where You’re At

By Theresa Voigt | 12 May 2020

There’s a lot of talk about how you have to earn your stripes and do a certain amount of study and practice to be a successful intuitive/reader/psychic/healer. There’s a whole heap of beliefs out there limiting you into moving through your growth at a certain pace in a certain way: ie you must have ‘x’…

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Abundance -You have to invite it in

By Theresa Voigt | 12 May 2020

Abundance and the Law of Attraction Here’s a thought… what if you don’t get to pick and choose what kind of Abundance you get? What if… you get to have it all? So often we hone in on one type of abundance that we want (usually one we think we don’t currently have). ie money…

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What Are Sister Circles?

By Theresa Voigt | 12 May 2020

There is something profoundly healing that happens when women gather together. A Circle is a sacred space where women can show up as exactly who they are: to be seen, to be heard, and to be held. There is no agenda in Circle work, only the intention to hold space for vulnerability, and for strength.…

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Ground Through Your Heart

By Theresa Voigt | 23 December 2017

We all have heard about grounding into the earth.  It’s that beautiful process of connecting into the centre of the earth and letting everything that no longer serves, everything unwanted, drain out of you.  In its place drawing up the earths energy to fill you with peace, strength and calm. This is a practice that…

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Personal Growth Can Be Painful

By Theresa Voigt | 15 July 2017

I needed my Big Girl Pants! I spend a lot of time and energy, probably just like you, working on myself. My spiritual focus and beliefs determine the tone and flow of my day.   Some days, that tone is calm, sweet and pure.   Other days, not so much. And these are the days where my…

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Having A Spiritual Practice Doesn’t Give You A Free Pass.

By Theresa Voigt | 11 May 2017

We practise.  We meditate.  We space clear and buy singing bowls. We practise gratitude. And forgiveness. We work at being ‘good’ people. And bad stuff still seems to happen to us and around us. And when it does, we get angry, frustrated and yes maybe even have a temper tantrum. Having a spiritual practice doesn’t…

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Coming Out Of The Psychic Closet

By Theresa Voigt | 14 June 2016

I’m psychic. There, I’ve said it. And make no mistake, it’s taken me years to get to this point where I can say it openly, with deep inner belief and understanding of exactly what that means. I’m one of those people who dreams in technicolour. I always have been. When I’d tell someone about a…

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Am I Psychic?

By Theresa Voigt | 19 April 2016

One of the ways I work with my clients is through Spiritual Mentoring.  These sessions are where we explore their connection to Spirit, expand their awareness and deepen their practice.  Through teaching rituals, tools and techniques a deeper understanding of their relationship with Spirit is allowed to develop. There comes a point in these sessions…

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Claiming Sovereignty Over My Space

By Theresa Voigt | 18 April 2016

As a child I used to have nightmares. Living, breathing nightmares that would rise up out of the darkness each night to terrorise me. The black panther pacing back and forth on top of my wardrobe. The vicious tribal man waiting under my bed, knife poised, waiting to stab me through the mattress. As a…

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Why Do I Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

By Theresa Voigt | 20 February 2016

I’m often asked about the Salt Lamp I have in my healing room – why I have it and what does it do? Well, the main thing Salt Lamps do is emit negative ions into the atmosphere. You know that feeling you get after a thunderstorm, when the air smells crisp and clean? That’s due to…

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My Valentines Wish For You

By Theresa Voigt | 14 February 2016

Valentines Day is a day for lovers.  A day to openly cherish and declare our love for our partners.  A day to embrace the schmaltz and cheesiness of a ritual whose roots have long been forgotten in the commercialised reality of the world. But what if you’re single? Who do you send flowers and cards to…

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For Lovers Of All Things Tea!

By Theresa Voigt | 2 February 2016

My favourite thing to do is drink tea. It gives me a reassuring sense of peace and lightness.  It’s warmth holds me.  It’s scent calms me.  It’s medicine heals me.     And clearly I’m not the only one who has a love affair with tea, as I’ve found a few beautiful, funny and heart…

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New Years Eve Rituals

By Theresa Voigt | 31 December 2015

Rituals pervade every area of my life and New Years Eve is no different. I’ve never been a big fan of celebrating the new year (apart from some rather spectacular parties in my younger days).  However, since my marriage ended and I’ve found myself on my own at the close of the year, celebrating and…

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My Tea Meditation

By Theresa Voigt | 19 December 2015

My life is full of small, even tiny rituals.  I used to think of them as insignificant.   But as my life changed, dramatically and painfully, these small moments of my day became increasingly important to me. The way I wake in the morning is now a wonderful few moments of reflection and gratitude. My…

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