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The gift of healing is not a privilege given to a few, but a journey of self discovery which is everyones' divine right.


You're here for a reason.  

It may be because you're stuck.  Perhaps you've lost your way and can't seem to find out how to get back on track.  
You might even be feeling lost, lonely or broken.

I believe you're here because you've been called.  Called to change.  To let go of the past and redefine yourself as the person you know, deep in your heart, you've always been.

I know it's been difficult, painful, and at times has even felt soul destroying.  

But it doesn't have to continue to be that way.

I believe

Our lives are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, and by stories told to us by others.  It's shaped by the beliefs, programmes and patterns we have witnessed, been part of and absorbed over our lifetime.

Our true nature becomes forgotten amidst the drama and tragedy, highs and lows of those stories, and our Soul Light becomes dim.

We all have an inner knowing, a mind-body-spirit connection that, by its very nature, allows us to change, grow and evolve,
and to heal ourselves.

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A roadmap to wellbeing is within us all.  Some of us find this map easy to read.
Others need a helping hand to decipher its twists and turns, sign posts and directions,
as awareness of our own gifts of healing are often buried from view within the existing belief patterns of our lives.

It can be confusing to navigate this path alone, but this need not be the case.

At the heart of all I offer, is my ability to see and connect into your true light.
My strength lies in being able to gently guide you through the blockages keeping you 'stuck',
bringing awareness and healing to all aspects of your Being.


Are you at a point where you need deep foundational change to occur?  

Are you ready to release patterns, beliefs, behaviours and fears which are keeping you invisible, small and unvalued?

Are you longing for more depth in your life, a richness that's been missing for so long?


I can help you


REMEMBER who you are by releasing those old patterns, beliefs and programs at a deep soul level
so change can become possible;

REKINDLE your self belief by teaching you the foundational tools and techniques so you can begin to develop
your own personal spiritual practices;

REIGNITE your soul light by walking with you as you implement changes, reconnect with your inner light,
your internal compass, and begin a journey of growth and expansion.

My purpose is

To walk with you along that path, supporting you, holding a safe space so that you can remember your true self, your Soul Light;

To guide you along your path to understanding and empowerment through healing and releasing your wounds; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual;

To walk with you as you find the strength, peace and inner belief to begin writing a new story;

To guide you to the path of remembering who you really are and the infinite potential which exists within you.

Let me help you shine!


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more intimately and intuitively connected to the energetic flow of your life.

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You were born knowing how to shine your light.

Let me help you remember.

Theresa Voigt