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People call me a healer, coach, spiritual teacher and mystic. But I'm not really into titles: they limit what are ever-expanding gifts of service, skill, talent, and wisdom.


The heart of what I do is facilitate change.

I believe we all have a right to be brilliant, independent of anyone else. I also believe it's time to take leadership of our own lives and evolve with purpose.

I see you more clearly than you can see yourself. 
You are deserving of love: deep, whole, compassionate love.


And love, in all its forms, is the key to change.

Love of self, and of others, leads to transformation of belief, which leads to evolution of the self.

You’re here because you’re looking for answers.  Looking for a way to fast track your growth and leave old limiting ways behind you.

Struggling to find who you truly are creates frustration and leaves you feeling exhausted, drained, stressed, with little direction and no sense of how to make the changes you need and want.

I believe you’re here because you’ve been guided
 to change: to let go of the past and redefine yourself as the person you know, deep in your heart, you’ve always held the potential to be.

My mission is to help you see yourself through the lens of higher love so you can access and embrace the infinite possibilities within and live a soul driven life, led by heart.  


When you remember the joy that comes with being truly you – every moment, every day - expressing yourself with love as your guiding force becomes foundational and your ability to effect change with purposeful intent is achieved with grace.

The only person you are here to be is you. It's your responsibility to uncover who that is.  Are you ready?


Big love,


Are you searching for answers?

Are you looking for a way forward?
Do the cycles of your life feel like they’re on repeat? Are there relationships or associations that are keeping you tied in patterns that weigh you down?Are you tired of feeling let down, different, like you don’t fit in anymore?Are your stress programs running on overdrive, keeping you in constant cycles of striving yet unable to reach the outcomes you desire?Are you wanting to accelerate your growth, your expansion, your evolution?

Are you looking for more depth?

Are you longing for a richness in life that’s been missing for too long?
A way of living with all your gifts and skills, your true soul essence, that will open pathways to fulfilment and joy?
Are you wanting your purpose to marry with your passion?
Are you wanting relationships that meet not just where you are, but where you want to be?

Are you ready for change?

Are you needing and wanting deep foundational change to occur in your life?

Not just surface change, but change that creates space for discovery, growth and expansion. Change that allows you to live more authentically, in alignment with your true value and worth.

Change that flows into all aspects of your life – business, personal, spiritual.


Do you want to be truly seen?

Are you ready to stand in full sovereignty over your own being?  To be seen and valued for all you are and all you offer?

Are you ready to be acknowledged and witnessed as a divine being, worthy of living the life of your dreams?

Are you ready to become the person you were always meant to be?


As a healer, soul coach and mystic, my purpose is to walk with you as you fast track your evolution, and find your inner truth through healing, guidance, love and support.

To help you open to the infinite wonder of who you are,
with all the possibilities and potentials that are available to you.


Create space for change to become possible at a deep soul level,
through the release  of old patterns, beliefs and behaviours limiting your ability
to live freely and authentically.


Learn foundational and advanced spiritual laws, tools and techniques
so you can begin to develop your own personal spiritual practices
that support your growth and expansion.


Implement changes; reconnect with your inner knowing,
your internal compass, and begin a journey of growth and expansion.

Let me help you shine!

Each image is a moment of insight given form through my heart. The messages are often channelled insights of wisdom with the simple purpose of sparking change within you. Your internal landscape - your thoughts, feelings, beliefs - inform your external world and therefore how you experience life. It is here that the deepest work begins - with awareness.

Theresa is the most healing psychic I've ever met. She goes as wide and deep as is necessary to bring you the most profound and loving insight, clarity and healing. Oh my heart I adore this woman! x - Kris Franken

"From my very first balance session with Theresa I have felt safe, secure and pure love. The person that I am now is not the scared, teary mess that first walked into her beautiful sanctuary. I love the me that Theresa is helping me uncover and I love how fabulous I feel when I leave a session. Theresa has helped me see a path I never realised I could walk along and for this I will be forever grateful." - Katrina, Sydney Australia

"I can only describe what Theresa does as miraculous. Literally! Theresa is a very important aspect of the support structures I have created in my life. I cannot find the words to explain her process but what I do know, and what holds me, is that she makes a massive difference to my quality of life and wellbeing. And that's ultimately what's really important." - Larri Wallbridge, CE New Zealand

Theresa is a high gifted intuitive guide! She has a direct line to Divine Source and imparts that exact wisdom, clarity and missing pieces that you need in order to move forward in alignment with our souls' highest truth.  I highly recommend you seek Theresas' guidance if you feel stuck in any area of your life! She will assist you in releasing any blocks that are holding you back and empower you with the clarity you need to leap forward on your souls path." - Marissa O'Neil, Founder of Soul Medicine: Your Journey Home

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