Theresa Voigt

You are carrying within yourself the potential to visualise, to design and to create an utterly satisfying, joyful and abundant life

Elevation Through Love

As a Healer and Soul Coach I help you step into your calling.
It’s a deep reconnection to your Spirit.


You may have been told  you are ‘out of alignment’.
But what if you never went out of alignment, and all you’ve ever needed was permission to be authentically yourself. Permission to let go of the old stories which have kept you small and insignificant.
Permission to be all of who you truly are.

Energy Healing is gentle, deeply transformational and non-invasive. It works with the physical and energetic bodies to clear blocks, beliefs, patterns and behaviours, allowing you to remember the core essence of who you are.

Balance and freedom are the goals of all my energy work. When the bodies are operating in a state of coherence and harmony, flow in life becomes achievable and forward movement becomes a graceful alignment with your purpose and passion.

My purpose is to raise your consciousness, access your Soul Light,
and expand your vibration: to help you remember who you are.

Tea With Theresa

A Channelled Guidance Session

Tea With Theresa is a conversation between you, me, and Spirit. How fabulous does that sound?

  • Would you like to be truly heard?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you looking for clarity or guidance?
  • Is there something you're aware of but just can't see?
  • Are you drawn to having a conversation at a deeper level?

During these conversations a sacred space is created where you can share from your heart. Your team of guides is invited forward and together with my own team, the guidance and inspiration begins to flow.

These session are heavily laced with love to support you as deeply as is required.

This space allows you to be seen and heard as your authentic self without pressure to show up as anything else. In doing so, you are able to identify choices you may not have seen before; and find clarity and peace is truly possible.

Any topic can be on the table. Are you ready for a conversation?


  • 60mins
  • Online Session
  • $150 AUD
  • 60mins
  • Online Session
  • $150 AUD

Soul Light Session

An Energy Cleanse for your Soul

Release vows and promises holding you back from being the best version of yourself NOW.

We all hold the echoes of promises we’ve made through lifetimes. They lie sleeping in our cellular memory.

Some of those promises will have no relevance to your current life, but some will. They can be prodded awake by encounters, chance conversations, decisions and detours you make along your life path.

But while they may have been woken, they may not be serving your highest good.

This session identifies a core issue and then clears multiple vows and promises that are holding you back from being: WHERE you want to be, WHO you want to be, and HOW you want to be living.

We spend 60 minutes together online. We dive in. You, me and my spiritual support team.

Working gently through your heart space, we navigate through layers of your soul and energetic bodies to find, release and dissolve the vow or promise.

It’s gentle, at times emotional, and always transformational.

My team is here to hold you, guide you, provide insights, and heal through the frequency of love .

Energy Balance

Work on issues that are causing pain or imbalance in your life

By clearing blocks, behaviours and patterns held at a deep cellular level, it allows us to remember and experience ourselves as the true essence of who we are – authentic, connected, grounded and empowered.

Just like the petals of a flower, your energy system has many layers. These layers can hold trauma, blockages, conflict, beliefs and behaviours. An Energy Balance is a healing pathway that opens up those layers and opens you to your own ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Each session is about you, the issues concerns and stresses in your life, and what it is you want to release. You leave each session knowing the healing and release is already taking place within you. The increased awareness that comes with this allows a shift in perspective which creates space for understanding and clarity. This release, the letting go of long held pain, trauma or frustration, can be profound and life changing.

Reach Your Potential

Balancing your Energy allows you to breathe in life, connect to your Souls’ direction, and reach your full potential. You will gain clarity, focus, inner balance and harmony, as you allow your own healing ability to function at its original and optimal levels.

  • 90min Energy Session
  • Conducted online in real time
  • $220 AUD
Threresa Voigt
  • 60mins
  • Online Session
  • $150 AUD

Soul Strategy Session

Harness the Power of Your Deams

Would you love some big picture guidance?

Would you love a plan, grounded into your feminine and masculine energies, that allows you to make choices and decisions which leads to growth and expansion?

If you bring your dreams, we will bring the guidance!

This is not a time to play small, to hide your gifts and talents.
This IS a time to dream big and make changes to allow those dreams to become reality.
If you're ready to move your life, your business, to the next stage then we can help.
As a channel and soul coach I have access to big picture guidance.
This means you put your dreams on the table and we can help you come up with the next best step to get you where you want to go.
In the process we identify issues or blockages which are preventing you from moving forward, and CLEAR THEM!
This isn't always easy work. We go gently when we need to and deep when required. This session is all about you. What you need to get you where you want to go by harnessing the power of your dreams.

Looking For More?

One Day Intensive Transformation

Have you ever wished you could give yourself time just for you? 

Imagine if you could take a day, one whole day, out of your life to focus on your growth, your expansion, on your dreams?

Imagine if you had the opportunity to release all those things, those intangible unnamed things, that are holding you back from being the next best version of yourself?

Imagine if you could build foundations to support your dreams - foundations built of energy, light, purpose, passion, and love?

Expansion is often slowed and limited through our inability to believe ourselves capable of holding such a big dream, in all its fullness, in all its power.

This is a day to align potential with possibility, and possibility with reality. Make a quantum leap into an expanded future by holding the vibration of that dream NOW.

Elevate Through Love

This is a 1:1 intensive where you spend the day immersed in the energy of my home. I meet you where you're at, and help you get where you want to be.

This isn't always easy work. We go gently when we need to and deep when required, so you can align to the future you want to experience.  Every step of the way you are held and supported by me, my team of guides, your own guides, and your own divine intelligence.

Every step of the way we hold space for you to begin walking your way home to yourself.

If you know you have a big purpose, a dream needing to be given wings, a leap waiting to be taken, this will be a day you won't forget.

One day to transform your life? Absolutely!

You go home with confidence and clarity around who you are, where you’re going, and how you want to get there. Your ability to vision your future is amplified and your point of attraction is clear. Relationships will have been redefined, released and new understandings reached.

If you’re ready to dive in and begin clearing the way toward a life of your dreams, then this work is for you.

Oh, and tea. There will be lots of tea! And yummy snacks. And Lunch. Because we still need to nourish ourselves while we transform, yes? 💚

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  • 1 Full Day 9-5pm
  • In Person
  • Sydney, Australia
  • $1600 AUD


Not sure which session is right for you?

Let’s jump on a call and see how we can walk together for a little while.

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Client Love

WOW!!!!! This Tea with Theresa session was out of this world, literally! And she honestly joined all of the pieces of the puzzle together and was honestly spot on with everything that she was sharing with me.

Theresa thank you so much for doing what you do and for being such an incredible and gifted woman who shares her amazing gifts with the world.

I have so much love and respect for you.

Tammie Pike

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Theresa knows how to love, spread love, and be love to bring clarity, comfort and answers.  My go-to girl for healing and direction.

Sarah Winterbine

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I received the most amazing channeled message from Theresa during a Facebook live event. That message has stayed with me as not only did it resonate it spoke to my soul! I felt emotional and I knew she was genuinely passing on a message from my guides and her guides to help me move forward with faith I was on the right path. I'm forever grateful for the time Theresa gave to pass on a healing channelled message. Since then I've stayed in contact with Theresa and learnt so much more - she is extremely gifted and full of knowledge. Amazing! Genuine! Knowledgeable! Caring! 

Ally Watkins