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You are carrying within yourself the potential to visualise, create and live an utterly satisfying, joyful and abundant life - Theresa Voigt

Elevation Through Love

These sessions help you come home to yourself.

It's a deep reconnection to your Spirit.

You may have been told you are "out of alignment".
But what if you never went out of alignment, and all you've ever needed was permission to be authentically you. Permission to let go of the old stories which have kept you small and insignificant.
Permission to be all of who you truly are.

Energy Healing is gentle, deeply transformative and non-invasive. It works with the physical and energetic bodies' beliefs, patterns and behaviours, allowing you to remember the core essence of who you are.

Balance and freedom are the goals of all my energy work. When the bodies are operating in a state of coherence and harmony, flow in life becomes achievable and forward movement becomes a graceful alignment with your purpose and passion.

My purpose is to raise your consciousness and expand your awareness so you can remember who you are.


To bring your potential into your reality.


Tea With Theresa

A Channelled Guidance Session

Tea With Theresa is a conversation. Heart to heart and soul to soul. How fabulous does that sound?

  • Would you like to be truly heard?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you looking for clarity or guidance?
  • Is there something you're aware of but just can't see?
  • Are you drawn to having a conversation at a deeper level?

During these conversations a sacred space is created where you can share from your heart. Your team of guides is invited forward and together with my own team, the guidance and inspiration begins to flow.

These sessions are heavily laced with love to support you as deeply as is required.

This space allows you to be seen and heard as your authentic self without pressure to show up as anything else. In doing so, you are able to identify choices you may not have seen before; and find clarity and peace is truly possible.

Any topic can be on the table. Are you ready for a conversation?


ISS Tea Session Theresa Voigt
  • 60mins
  • Online Session
  • $180

Soul Strategy Session

Harness the Power of Your Deams

Would you love some big picture guidance?

Would you love a plan, grounded into your feminine and masculine energies, that allows you to make choices and decisions which leads to growth and expansion?

If you bring your dreams, we will bring the guidance!

This is not a time to play small, to hide your gifts and talents.

This IS a time to dream big and make changes to allow those dreams to become reality.

If you're ready to move your life, your business, to the next stage then we can help.

This means you put your dreams on the table and we can help you come up with the next best step to get you where you want to go.

In the process we identify issues or blockages which are preventing you from moving forward, and clear them!
This session is all about you and what you need to get you where you want to go by harnessing the power of your dreams.
ISS Soul Strategy Theresa Voigt
  • 60mins
  • Online Session
  • $180 AUD
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Energy Healing Sessions

This is where the expansion begins and the magic starts to unfold.

I offer pathways to:

* clear blocks, release beliefs, and reframe patterns and behaviours;
* identify core issues and locate and release them at their point of origin;
* bring you into a deeper state of calm, purpose and clarity;
* help you begin to see yourself with compassion through the lens of higher love.

This is where you can receive support through Rekindled Ancient Wisdom, Energy Consciousness Healing, Energetic Healing, Channelled Healing, Love Frequencies, and Quantum Transformation.


Explore the options below...


RAW Energy Balance

Work on issues that are causing pain or imbalance in your life.

Balancing your Energy through Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) allows you to breathe in life, connect to your Souls’ direction, and reach your full potential. You will gain clarity, focus, inner balance and harmony, as you allow your own healing ability to function at its original and optimal levels.

Just like the petals of a flower, your energy system has many layers. These layers can hold trauma, blockages, conflict, beliefs and behaviours. A RAW Energy Balance is a healing pathway that opens up those layers and opens you to your own ancient wisdom and knowledge.

By clearing blocks, behaviours and patterns held at a deep cellular level, it allows us to remember and experience ourselves as the true essence of who we are – authentic, connected, grounded and empowered.


How it works

Each session is about you, the issues concerns and stresses in your life, and what it is you want to release.

During the session you hear all the rabbit holes your energies want to go down. You can connect the dots and hear the twists and turns as your conscious mind is an active participant. You don't need to be silent! This means you can ask questions as we go, and interact consciously with the healing process.

You leave each session knowing the healing and release has already taken place and the changes have been locked in.

The increased awareness that comes with this allows a shift in perspective which creates space for understanding and clarity.

This release, the letting go of long held pain, trauma or frustration, can be profound and life changing.


About RAW

RAW is a multi-faceted multi-dimensional energy balancing system.

Using kinesiology (a non-invasive muscle testing technique) we are guided by your body's own wisdom to identify, clear and release the blocks preventing you from living radiantly.

By unlocking the healing potential within your own Being your energies are able to move into their personal power; directing, clearing, and releasing obstacles to vibrant living.

RAW is gentle yet allows for profoundly transformational healing to take place on all levels of the Being.

From this point on, changes can begin.


RAW Logo Rose Gold
  • 90min Energy Session
  • Online in real time
  • $240 AUD

Radiance Energy Healing

A Channelled Healing Session

Evolutionary based transformation.

Are you looking for rapid movement through multiple issues? Then Radiance may be for you! These sessions are expansive, multi-dimensional healings and realignments as your energies are opened to higher frequencies.

Achieving what would normally take several sessions to shift, we work outside the boundaries of time and space, often moving clients into an altered state so we can bypass your conscious mind to release what needs to go. 

We move directly to the core issues and release them and any associated energies, allowing this to flow through lifetimes. 

Bringing through higher love frequencies, and clearing any unrequired anchors and resistance to evolutionary pathways, allows us to recode and recalibrate your energetic structures to literally bring more love into your life and experience.

We move rapidly through lifetimes, timelines, ancestral patterns, and energetic structures; releasing resistance as we go as core beliefs and programs are identified and dissolved over and over.

Working this way opens your energies and often makes you feel 'zoned out' as your mental being is bypassed so obstacles can be removed to assist in the accelerated change.

What you experience as a result of these sessions:

  • accelerated change
  • evolutionary change
  • transformation
  • rapid shifts
  • elevated growth
  • reclamation of self
  • higher love
  • expanded awareness

Traditional healing works from the surface down, working through layers of issues one at a time to arrive at the core. The magic of this session is that the core issues are identified first, and the layers above are then dissolved.



Energy Healing

We bring higher love, higher perspectives, and higher remembrances of knowledge and wisdom. We assist in the remembrance of YOU. Your soul essence, your gifts, your passions, your Love.

  • 90mins
  • Online in real time
  • $240 AUD
ISS VIP Day Theresa Voigt

Are you desiring a deeper connection?

Then a VIP Day may be exactly what you need! 

1 day to focus solely on you: on your needs, your dreams, your potential, your purpose. If this excites you then click the link to explore the possibilities.

I was fortunate enough to have received a Radiance Energy Balance from Theresa and the layers of energy that upgraded and opened my heart is simply beyond what I have experienced in the past. I am now doing and providing many healing sessions for my own clientele after the heart opening session and I personally felt the shift in the consciousness. Beautiful! - Sylvia

Theresa is an incredibly valuable mentor, healer and teacher. One that I return to for help again and again. She has contributed to my own growth immeasurably, and is incredibly generous and skilled in her ability to manipulate and clear energy. From the first session her years of experience and her advanced level of relating to energy were obvious.

After many years of spiritual education and training myself, I find it difficult to find energy workers who are of a sufficiently high and clear enough level to work with my system. This was not the case with Theresa. She was clearly operating at a higher level than myself, and has consistently mentored me and raised my own vibration/energy and understanding up to meet hers, throughout our association. Constantly expanding my experience of what is possible in the realm of energy healing - not only within the model of physical/emotional/mental/spiritual, but also into the Quantum realm. Always relating and integrating the work back into the physical, so that my nervous system feels safe enough to expand with the rate of growth.

I have truly never met a more impressive and innovative energy healer. - Ursula Faye

From my very first RAW Energy Balance with Theresa I have felt safe, secure and pure love. The person that I am now is not the scared, teary mess that first walked into her beautiful sanctuary. I love the me that Theresa is helping me uncover and I love how fabulous I feel when I leave a session. Theresa has helped me see a path I never realised I could walk along and for this I will be forever grateful. - Katrina

WOW!!!!! This Tea with Theresa session was out of this world, literally! And she honestly joined all of the pieces of the puzzle together for me. Theresa thank you so much for doing what you do and for being such an incredible and gifted woman who shares her amazing gifts with the world. I have so much love and respect for you. - Tammie

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