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You are carrying within yourself the potential to visualise, to design and to create an utterly satisfying, joyful and abundant lifestyle.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is gentle, deeply transformational and non-invasive. It works with the physical and energetic bodies to clear blocks, beliefs, patterns and behaviours, allowing you to remember the essence of who you are.

Balance is the goal of all my energy work, which is why these are referred to as Energy Balances. When the bodies are operating in a state of balance and harmony, flow in life becomes achievable and forward movement becomes in graceful alignment with your purpose and passion.

This is where I work with Rekindled Ancient Wisdom, Energy Consciousness Healing, Soul Light Codes and Activations, Chakra Balancing, Reiki and other energy work.

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Energy Balance

By clearing blocks, behaviours and patterns held at a deep cellular level, it allows us to remember and experience ourselves as the true essence of who we are - authentic, connected, grounded and empowered.

Just like the petals of a flower, your energy system has many layers.
These layers can hold trauma, blockages, conflict, beliefs and behaviours.  Utilising a healing pathway that opens up those layers, opens you to your own ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Each session is about you, the issues concerns and stresses in your life, and what it is you want to release. You leave each session knowing the healing and release is already taking place within you. The increased awareness that comes with this, allows a shift in perspective which creates space for understanding and clarity. This release, the letting go of long held pain, trauma or frustration, can be profound and life changing.

Reach Your Potential

Give yourself permission to breathe in life, connect to your Souls' direction, and reach your full potential. You will again clarity, focus, inner valance and harmony, as you allow your own healing ability to function at its original and optimal levels.

  • 90min Energy Healing Session
  • Can be received in person, or conducted over distance in real time
  • $220 AUD
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'Tea With Theresa' Channelled Guidance Session

Healing is not about forgetting what happened.  Healing occurs when we release the emotions attached to the memory, allowing the memory to become simply what it is, a memory.

Would you like to be truly heard?
Do you feel stuck?
Are you looking for clarity?
Are you looking for guidance?
Are you drawn to having a conversation at a deeper level?

A Sacred Conversation is a combination of Intuitive Reading, Channelled Guidance and Mediumship.  Energy Healing Techniques are gently blended throughout this 50min session to give you optimum support and results.

During these conversations a sacred space is created where you can share from your heart.

This space allows you to be seen and heard as your authentic self without pressure to show up as anything else.

In doing so, you are able to identify choices you may not have seen before; and find clarity and peace is truly possible.

Any topic can be on the table; from work, to love, a new project, needing direction, wanting to contact a loved one who has passed over, or simply wanting reassurance that you're on the right path.

The time is yours, the choice is yours.

We begin by coming together at an agreed time, with a beautiful cup of tea warming our hands.  

There is no pressure to begin anywhere in particular.

Sometimes your Guides will step forward to join in, other times it will be intuitive guidance direct from Source.  There is no right or wrong way for these conversations to go.

As we chat, we may identify beliefs, patterns, connections, vows or even promises that are holding you back.  I will gently move you through a process of release to clear whatever comes up.  You will feel free and able to move into an empowered state of ease, grace and flow.

Two women, being present, sharing from their hearts, letting the magic unfold.


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Other Important Information

Healing Sessions are booked for 90 minutes.
This allows time for a check in, questions to be asked and answered, and any guidance requested given
time and space to come through.

Mentoring and Coaching Sessions are 90 and 60 minutes respectfully.

You have an option to purchase a bundle of Soul Healing Sessions - 3 x 90 minute sessions, paid in advance.  This offers you a saving of 10% and helps you to commit to your personal growth for the longer term.

Also, I do have a cancellation policy, so please read the details carefully prior to making your appointment. Scroll to the end of this page to read the full policy, so we know we’re on the same page.

Payment Options

Cash payment at the time of your appointment is accepted,
and internet banking details can be provided if you'd prefer to do a direct deposit.

Payment for all sessions must be made in advance for direct deposit, or
by the end of your appointment for cash payments.

 Cancellation Policy

Please read this policy carefully before making your appointment.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, your session time becomes a sacred space for your growth and healing to occur. I energetically hold this space specifically for you.

Before every session I allow time to go into meditation, connect to your guides and receive information and guidance to assist you during your session. 

Cancellations, late changes, or 'no-shows',  impact both myself and other clients who may have needed your appointment time, so if you do need to reschedule/cancel your appointment, please be respectful and provide at least 48 hours notice.

  • If cancellation of your appointment is made within 48 hours, you’re responsible to pay for 50% of the consult fee.

  • If cancellation of your appointment is made within 24 hours, you’re responsible to pay 100% of the consult fee.

  • You also have the option of sending someone in your place if you can’t make your appointment, therefore the cancellation policy won’t apply. If you choose this option, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your respect and integrity.

xx Theresa

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"We are all Warriors of Light.

With the strength of our love and our will we can change our destiny."

Paulo Coelho