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There is more to life than what you see. Shall we have an adventure? - Theresa Voigt

Open to the Possibility of More

More love, more joy, more connection.

more you!

There is a world both seen and unseen, and it's all available here, right now, for you to explore and expand into.

Think of it as your own personal playground of energy and light.

Energy, and in particular your energy, has the ability to shift, change, and transform. Learning how to work with that is both a fundamental right and a skill that you can develop.

When you understand how to navigate your own energetic blueprint, the way you move through your world changes. You become more purposeful, more anchored, and more responsive to life.

You become the creator.

These mentoring sessions are designed to open you to expanded ways of working with your own energy, and how to apply that knowledge to enhance life experiences on a daily basis.

This knowledge becomes your baseline for interactions and relationships.

We begin where you're at, and work our way from there.

This is not a linear process,
but rather an intuitive journey back to your true self.

ISS-Mentoring Theresa Voigt

The heart, in all its forms, is the touchstone to which we will come back to over and over again.

As the gateway, the portal to your soul, we journey within to uncover ancient soul frequencies to support you in this lifetime.

There are many ways to navigate your dimensional realities and we will explore your awareness of insourcing and outsourcing your power.

There are latent gifts lying dormant within your cellular structure. These will be accessed and activated to bring enhanced awareness of who you are at your core.

I will not hold you accountable. That is not my role as Mentor.
No one can determine the rate of your own spiritual growth and expansion, but you.

 Spiritual practices will be explored.  Some you may embrace and some you may set aside. There is no right or wrong way to do this. There is no test, and you cannot fail.

There is only room for increased understanding, awareness and divine connection.

This is a very hands on, experiential way of learning. I believe that we learn best when we hold the energy in our hands, and embrace it with our mind, body and soul. While you certainly get a lot of theory and science, nothing is quite like feeling the energy connection being established as your own unique connection and channel opens, session by session.

There will be many sessions when you receive energy work directly from me to establish, open, and enhance your energy flow. This supports your intuitive gifts to match and up level as your channel continues to expand.

The following is a guideline only. We may begin in one place and then move around as we follow your developing intuition and understanding. We will allow this journey to be led by you - your heart and your energy. If something peaks your interest we will follow that trail as more often than not, it will lead to gold.


Mentoring in this way becomes an alchemical process.

Led by Heart, driven by Soul.

ISS-Mentoring Foundations Theresa Voigt


How much do you already know? Let's identify that knowledge and then fill in any gaps, and begin to develop from a solid foundation.

In these sessions we cover things like:

  • what is energy
  • the languages of intuition - all the clairs, in all the ways
  • connection to divine support
  • grounding
  • rituals as a guide
  • tools to support you such as crystals, oracle/tarot cards, essential oils, the elements, and the elemental earth energies
  • meditation - why you need to, and how to make it work for you
  • affirmations -v- afformations and how to make them work for you
  • ethics of energy
  • who are you
ISS mentoring Theresa Voigt


With the basics established, we start to develop a way of working with them that supports you in all the ways.

These sessions can cover things like:

  • connection: what it really means, looks like, and feels like.
  • who are you connecting with? you might be surprised!
  • Higher Self and other energetic beings
  • Hooumosios
  • guides, who are yours, how to connect, understand, and work with them, and how they want to work with you!
  • your Core Soul Frequency and how to develop a deeper connection with your inner voice
  • Insourcing versus Outsourcing
  • Divine Masculine and Feminine energies and how they impact your connection
  • the Laws of the Universe and how you can work with them to enhance your life experiences
  • the secret to real manifestation
  • who are you
ISS-Mentoring Expansion Theresa Voigt


When we work with our energy, universal laws, and expanded awareness, our sense of who we are and our place in our world undergoes transformation. There are cycles of change we will ride as our understanding continues to expand and paradigms change. When we work at this level we enter the world of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Psychology, and how it effects our human expression.

Here we cover things like:

  • frequencies of the universe
  • Quantum connection
  • walking the timelines
  • harmony and coherence
  • dimensional realities
  • Multi-dimensional DNA and its expression
  • Soul Blueprints
  • Quantum manifestation
  • Insourcing as a way of life
  • who are you
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Your Commitment

  • 1 x 90min session each week
  • unlimited messenger support between sessions
  • minimum 3 month commitment
  • all zoom sessions can be recorded and kept
  • $1500 per calendar month

Like to apply for Mentoring? Let's have a chat over a cup of tea to make sure we're a perfect fit for each other. Click the link below to set up a zoom call.

Lotus Flower Theresa Voigt
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I have been absolutely blessed to be part of Theresas' program. All I can say is wow! If you're ready to be unlevelled, to be held and nurtured, to increase your understanding of yourself and the universe, and to learn some pretty amazing techniques, then this is the program for you. Theresas' beautiful loving energy, along with her guides, gently yet strongly envelopes you while you go through the up levelling process and step into greater awareness of all that you are. - Deena Young-Kenyon

I cannot put into words just how incredible this woman is, Theresa is utterly fabulous! She is one of the very few people I trust and would recommend her all day long! Alongside of Theresa’s kind, warm and caring nature she is very professional and transparent within her work. She has a way of bringing forward incredible loving insight and helps shift my perspective of the issues that I have encountered in my life which adds to the healing quality of her work. She is an exceptional intuitive healer and I absolutely adore watching the way she works with her spiritual team, I leave every session with a full and bursting heart, feeling clear and sure of the path ahead of me. Through working with Theresa I have experienced my own intuitive abilities evolve and expand in ways I hadn’t thought possible. - Sarah Hooper