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In Clinic and Distance Soul Healing Sessions

From my very first RAW balance session with Theresa I have felt safe, secure and pure love. The person that I am now is not the scared, teary mess that first walked into her beautiful sanctuary. I love the me that Theresa is helping me uncover and I love how fabulous I feel when I leave a session. Theresa has helped me see a path I never realised I could walk along and for this I will be forever grateful.”

Karina, Sydney Australia

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In Clinic and Distance Soul Healing Sessions

 “I had a Balance with Theresa and it was absolutely magical. It was so calming and soothing; I would highly recommend it to everyone! I left with a clarity of mind I have never had before and I can’t wait until I go back. It is an experience I will never forget. Thank you Theresa, for the amazing Balance.”

Sarah (17yrs), Sydney Australia

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Tea with Theresa - Distance Session via Skype

Theresa and I connected for "cyber" tea. For anyone leery of psychic connections via Skype, put your fears aside. Theresa is CONNECTED. Our Skype conversation was just like being in real life, aside from the interference MY guides created with the technology. Tea with Theresa is like a psychic grab bag, you don't know what you'll get once you stick your hand in. My guides were quite chatty and provided the most beautiful messages for me that are profoundly useful and made clear sense. I'm 100% certain that I could book another session and receive answers to ANY and EVERY question I might have.

Sara Hocking
Owner, The Wandering Psychic

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Tea with Theresa - In Person Session

Theresa's guidance is immediately actionable, helpful and practical. Because of her guidance I turned a potentially sticky situation into one of joy and bliss.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for intuitive channelled guidance. Would love to have tea with her everyday!  

Freya Dwyer - Intuitive Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner

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Intensive 4 day Healing/Mentoring/Coaching Package

There are many platitudes to describe Theresa, this amazing person but for me she was my spiritual rescue remedy. What an amazing friend, woman, therapist and shining light.

Normally an optimist I had gone into a hole that left little desire for motivation or decision making. I wasn’t depressed, that’s fixable, I was empty and void. I could always heal myself through the power of spirit but I had lost that too. I sat at home feeling very confused and sorry for myself.

As a friend, one day in conversation with Theresa, although I didn’t say please help, that’s what she heard in my voice and literally flew to my side, looked inside my soul, called in my guides and ancestors along with hers, to heal life long emotional patterns that had finally taken its toll on me.   For the first time in 60 odd years I found myself a complete empty shell with no desires, no compassion, no motivations, confused, totally lost and fed up. I was floating in a wilderness.

She worked on and with me for a week to help me find compassion, forgiveness, enhancement, vital core wants and needs again, and helped me find the tools to turn my life around, to travel a new path, to start finding joy in life again. I will be forever grateful to my friend, my earth angel, for rushing to my side to help me rediscover what was important to me and put me on a beautiful spiritual path again.

Kathy Morris
Feng Shui Master, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor

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Soul Healing Sessions in Person at my Private Clinic

I can only describe what Theresa does as miraculous. Literally! Theresa is a very important aspect of the support structures I have created in my life. I cannot find the words to explain her process but what I do know, and what holds me, is that she makes a massive difference to my quality of life and wellbeing. And that’s ultimately what’s really important.”

Larri Wallbridge
CE (Cycling Enabler) New Zealand

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Soul Healing Sessions and Channelled Conversation in Person at my Private Clinic.

My sessions with Theresa have been quite life-changing for me. When I go to see her, I am often stressed, anxious or upset by ‘life events’, and I always leave feeling balanced and calm with clarity to move forward.  Theresa has helped me to release old patterns, so I can deal with situations more calmly.  Theresa is a very gifted intuitive healer, with such a beautiful soul and warm heart.  When I feel broken inside, she seems to put me back together.

Zena, Sydney Australia

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Distance Soul Healing Session

While travelling in Japan recently, Theresa helped me so much by 'remote balancing me'. The balances helped me get back on track during my travels and really helped me stay centred and focused while over there, helping alleviate all the stresses I had building up inside. Without these I don’t think I could have enjoyed myself as much as I did! They were truly wonderful!

James (21yrs), Sydney Australia

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Sacred Conversation

Theresa is a highly gifted intuitive guide!  She has a direct line to Divine Source and imparts the exact wisdom, clarity and missing pieces that you need in order to move forward in alignment with your soul’s highest truth!  

I was feeling stuck creating a logo for my new business brand, and Theresa and her guides were excited to not only draw what my logo looks like, they also gave me insight into the significance and symbolism of the logo, and the role I was stepping into as a Truth Seer and the responsibility that it comes with!  Theresa and her guides were so excited to share this with me and honoured the rite of passage this symbolised for my soul’s journey!  My new logo is now finalised, thanks to Theresa’s insight, and I absolutely love it!!!  I highly recommend you seek Theresa’s guidance if you feel stuck in any area of your life!  She will assist you in releasing any blocks that are holding you back and empower you with the clarity you need to leap forward on your soul’s path!

Marissa O'Neil - Founder of Soul Medicine:  Your Journey Home

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Lao Tzu