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Come out of the circle of time. And into the circle of love. - Rumi

Now taking enrolments for
Level 3, Round 1

Circle begins Tuesday 14th September, 2021

Circles of Light

Circles have always been a space for women to come together, openly and lovingly, to share their experiences, their lives, and their stories.

In the Circles of Light we come together to share wisdom, knowledge, and awareness.


We come together to grow.


Each Level of Circle offers intuitive and channelled teachings, from both my deep connection with Universal Love and my own personal wisdom and awareness.


I have many years experience of holding Circle with women from all around the world. It is my compassion, knowledge, connection, and love I offer to you in these Circles of Light.


These Circles are opportunities to explore mysticism, spirituality, and science, giving you space to venture into the ever deepening connection between mind, body and soul.


We discuss energy, spiritual teachings, our own growth, and our place in the world. We access your future self, align to their timeline, and work in the quantum field to raise your vibration, access your gifts, and lay foundations to move into creation energy with full awareness.

A Circle offers warmth, compassion, wisdom and strength.

I invite you to join me in Circle: in Circles of Light.

ISS-Circle of Light
Are you seeking to:


~ fast track your spiritual growth in a group environment?

~ hold space for others as you grow together?

~ open your heart to new ways of seeing the world?

~ expand and raise your vibration?

~ hold a stronger clearer connection to the divine?


Then working together in Circle may be just what you need.

We meet online every week to hold space, discuss our beliefs, bring our passion and purpose to the table, to allow growth and expansion.
This is Soul work.
Gentle and deep expansion to bring you more into alignment with all of who you are.
ISS Divine Feminine Theresa Voigt

Level 1


Level 1 brings your energy into alignment with your Soul. Opening to the awareness that you are more than you could possibly imagine.


Level 1 Modules:

  • The Way Forward
    - entering the field
    - hearing the song of your cells
  • The Path is Open
  • Who Am I?
  • Manifesting In The Field
    - lofty questions
  • Integration
  • Expansion and Coherence -opening all chakras and the unified field
  • Homoousios



Divine Feminine Level 2 Theresa Voigt

Level 2


Building on the previous Circles knowledge we move deepr into the quantum field, exploring other ways to work with our energy.


Level 2 Modules:

  • Return to Love
    - love frequencies
    - dimensional realities
  • Healing in the Field
    - DNA
  • Healing continues
    - multi-dimensional DNA
  • Self Care in the field
  • Integration
  • The Field of All Possibilities
  • Entheos
Theresa Voigt Circle of Light Level 3

Level 3

Alis Propriis Volat

Entering an elevated awareness we take our understanding of Universal Laws and work multi-dimensionally to embody our core frequency.


Level 3 Modules:

  • Quantum Expansion
  • Elevation
  • The Way We Live
  • The Way We Love
  • Integration
  • Who We Are Becoming and Who We've Always Been
  • Alis Propriis Volat
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Your Commitment in each Level

  • 7 week Circle
  • includes 1 integration week
  • small supportive group of open-hearted women
  • 1 x 60min session for each of the active weeks
  • 1 x 60min Q&A for each of the active weeks
  • private FB group
  • lifetime access to all teachings and materials
  • all zoom sessions can be recorded and kept
  • $440 for each round
Lotus Flower Theresa Voigt
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Interested in joining me in Circle?

Let me know which Level you're feeling pulled towards, and I'll notify you as soon as I have dates available for the next round.

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I have been absolutely blessed to be part of Theresas' program. All I can say is wow! If you're ready to be unlevelled, to be held and nurtured, to increase your understanding of yourself and the universe, and to learn some pretty amazing techniques, then this is the program for you. Theresas' beautiful loving energy, along with her guides, gently yet strongly envelopes you while you go through the up levelling process and step into greater awareness of all that you are. - Deena Young-Kenyon

I love Theresas' training! I'm not an easy one to please or even satisfy, especially when it comes to 'energy', as we can't quite 'see' or 'quantify' it. What I loved most about this was that unlike most of the energy/woo programs out there, it was so grounded with no nonsense. And a lot of fun even though I had to get up at 4.15am due to the time difference. Honestly, in 5 yrs of running my online business I've never done that for ANY professional.

The best part for me was the way Theresa explained things. Abstract ideas like the quantum field, timelines, DNA activations, cellular energy etc. I come from a very scientific left brain background and Theresas' way of teaching was so grounded and her explanations so on point that she helped me make that connection between the science part of things and the spiritual with ease. And yes, she helps you learn with love! - Richa Jain