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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

Original Artwork by Ravinder Ruprai

Vin Ruprai Original Art


You will see featured through my website and social media platforms an original piece by artist, Ravinder Ruprai.

In my work I find people often hold their pain quite physically in their bodies. When I'm in my clients energy I 'see' their cells and DNA.

This artwork is a very close representation of what I see!  There is so much light and movement, as if the energy is dancing through the cells as long held memories are released and love, joy and forgiveness are embraced.

This piece hangs on the wall outside my healing room and it's energy lends a beautiful healing presence.

If you would like to know more about Ravinder and her beautiful art you can find her on instagram @vin_r_ruprai

Ravinder is an abstract painter based in Ontario, Canada

Ravinder works mainly in acrylics on canvas. Her paintings invite the viewer into binary worlds where layers of pattern and texture, drawn from her East Indian heritage, combine with nature, the body and the landscape. Her use of colour is rich, bold and dramatic. Ravinders' paintings often use her own internal struggles as a starting point with th aspiration of 'mapping' out solutions. Ravinder firmly believes that it is through the arts that we gain profound insights into the human condition.

Meditation Series

"This group of eight paintings was inspired by an incredible energetic experience I had in the middle of a breath ascension workshop. I felt my heart open up and take flight, leaving me feeling at peace and a magical kind of calmness set in…a lightness of being…a fourth chakra kind of moment. 
There is a sublte reference to the chakras in Theresa’s painting. And the circle has been an ongoing motif for me over the last five years; representing wholeness in mind, body and spirit."
Ravinder Ruprai


Ravinder Ruprai, Artist