About Theresa Voigt

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Anais Nin

I am a contemporary mystic, energy healer, and soul mentor. I hold a deep belief in the possibility of connecting to 'more' : more depth, more connection, more truth, more love.

People often come to me believing themselves to be powerless. To not be in the drivers seat of their own life. But if they continue to support that belief with similar thoughts, replaying the same messaging over and over, their life will never change.

We all get to a point where we look for more. We don't always know how to get that, but we do know that we don't want our life to continue the way it has been.

That deep desire, that inner ache for change? That's where I come in.


I am here to help you remember who you are, rekindle belief in yourself and guide you to reignite your soul light.

To turn your potential into your reality. 

Original - Theresa Voigt

There is nothing that lights me up more than being in the presence of someone whose heart is opening to the possibility of higher love.

It may sound silly but the truth is love is an energy, and it has a frequency. It's measurable. Our hearts have an electro magnetic field just as our brains do. When we feel emotions we can place these on a scale by measuring the magnetic field being emanated from our heart.

Do we have a choice which emotions we radiate? I believe we do.

Neuroscience tells us that our thoughts create our reality. That means that our thoughts signal our brains to fire off neurons, laying down lines of code to support that thought. That thought then signals the body through a cocktail of chemicals, and we label that cocktail an emotion.

If we choose our thoughts with care, our hearts will begin to radiate frequencies and information of our choosing. That field of information we radiate then influences our interactions with others and with the world. We in effect begin to create our reality through our own thoughts.

How perfect is that?

Theresa Voigt

My personal story has been lifetimes in the making, shaped by beliefs, circumstances, environments, relationships, loves and losses.

My childhood was spent lost in an imaginary world, where I would find myself in far away places across space and time.

This escape was my way of coping with a life where I felt I didn't belong.  The harshness and brutality of peoples choices was confusing and felt cruel and isolating.  I understood the world through the filter of my emotions and this often left me in overwhelm.

In time I came to accept that I saw and understood the world differently to those around me and that this was a gift. I began to understand that for any change in my life to be effective, it had to come from within myself. Learning and releasing many things about my past, relationships, the world as I saw it, and my place in it, allowed me to begin to heal.

In the process I came home to myself.

It is this passion for self love and empowerment that I now offer to you. To help you see your own worth and value. To walk beside you for a time as you learn to give yourself permission to be all of who you are.

The facts...

Bachelors Degree in Adult Education, University of Technology, Sydney
Certified RAW Practitioner - Level 11
Beautiful You Life Coach
Sister Circle Facilitator
Certified Reiki Master / Teacher Usui Reiki
Certified Australian Bush Flower Essences
Certified Australian Bush Flower Essences and Kinesiology
Courses in Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Mediumship and Meditation
Member - International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT)


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