What really happens when we’re in the chrysalis?

The truth of the chrysalis is often obscured by the purposeful nature of transformation. Yet beneath the transformative process pools of doubt and fear can be found.

It’s long been a belief that when in the chrysalis stage of change, a falling away must occur.

But the process and consequences of that falling away are rarely focussed upon.

Instead we are encouraged to look to the coming emergence and to simply allow it all to unfold. To embrace the chrysalis almost as a rest point, a relaxation before the tension of creation continues. And to master the art of looking to the future as an anchoring point as we lose our anchor in the present moment.

Perhaps it’s time to look more deeply into the pools of doubt and fear. To acknowledge that the chrysalis and its lack of anchor, its undoing of all that was, opens spaces for us to fall into.

And those spaces can be traumatic: an undoing of our beliefs, our relationships, a loss of work, of companionship. Even a loss of our personality, of who we knew ourselves to be before we can acquaint with ourselves anew.

As we dissolve all that we were, the loss of an anchor into ourselves leaves us feeling untethered. This dissolution and subsequent untethering creates waves of uncertainty. Riding these waves with some semblance of grace becomes a challenge at best, and at worst a confronting and overwhelming task. One we feel ill equipped to manage.

And this is the truth – that the chrysalis can be an unravelling which feels like a tidal wave of loss.

An ocean of emptiness with no knowledge of how to swim through it. And while we understand that the unravelling will lead to a new formation of a more authentic and powerful self, the isolation and rejection experienced can unseat even the strongest of souls.

The Light within the unravelling is to be sought. This is the only way through.

To deepen our gaze, to unfocus and refocus as we search for meaning. To find the love within that remains a constant throughout the tumultuous highs and lows. To be a seeker of this love and when found, to hold onto it, leaning in for ever more, arms outstretched and heart wide open, welcoming more of it home.

The truth of the chrysalis is a great unravelling of self, yes.

But the truth is that it is also a time of reconnection if we can be courageous enough to brave the wild ocean and look for the Light within.

For this is the Light that will fuel our wings of the future.