Walking Ourselves Home

I’ve been working on a rebrand – of my fb page, my website, and if I’m honest, of my life.

The past few months have seen me cracked wide open. I’ve had to look at myself from so many perspectives, and not shy away from what I find. There were some hard truths and I allowed myself to feel them all.

So many questions were asked:
where was I out of alignment?
where was I not living authentically?
where was I letting myself coast instead of rise?
where was my truth living?
I believe I am always creating my reality, so why was I living this life?
when had I created this? And most importantly,
why was I not changing it?

I have begun to find my way back to a new level of me. A more fully integrated version. A bigger, clearer, uplevelled self that sits more comfortably in this skin, in this body, in this life. Acceptance has been a big part of all of this. Accepting that maybe, just maybe, I am more connected, more powerful, more able to create, and more able to live my truth than I ever imagined.

I’ve had to rewrite stories of lack, limitation, failure and love. I’ve done so ruthlessly. Crossing out the stories that I no longer wish to define me. Stories of old, ancient beliefs that have no place here. To understand the voice of my soul I’ve had to listen: deeply, expansively, and without judgement.

Open and accepting of the voices as they blend and harmonise to whisper of futures undreamed and lives yet lived.

Our souls are multidimensional and carry wisdom which can light the way forward. The path illuminated. The way home. There is much ahead to unravel but this is the path I now commit to walking.

Ram Das said, we are only ever walking each other home.

But maybe we’re walking ourselves home, to our most authentic self, one step at a time.