So often we go down pathways of expansion: learning what we are drawn to so that we can feel more, know more, be more.

Sometimes this looks like taking new courses, reading books, listening to podcasts, receiving healing sessions, talking it through with our partner or friends, working with different practitioners, or even retreating into meditation so we can focus on ourselves and block out the rest of the world for a time.

And all this is great. It really is. 

But there’s a crucial step that sometimes gets overlooked – the embodiment of what we have learned.

Embodiment is the application of knowledge to our own life.

Which is to say that all the knowledge and learning is wonderful, but if you don’t apply it to your day to day your behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and choices: then all that knowledge is just theory. It’s not real. A bunch of great ideas that go nowhere.

To embody knowledge it has to be anchored into the real world: integrated into our 3D reality. 

This means that we take all that theory and then take inspired and required action to make it real.

We don’t have the knowledge until we apply it to our life.

Take one thing that you “know”, and check in with yourself. How are you using that knowledge? Are you using it at all? If you are, look at how well and how often. Is it an occasional reference in conversation, or does your day build upon that knowledge?  How well are you embodying that knowledge?

Ask yourself what about that information is preventing you from embodying it? Would embodiment lead to change? Are you ready for the kind of change it offers? 

Be your own detective. And be neutral: there’s no judgement here, no right or wrong answers. Just awareness. 

So go down those rabbit holes and ask the questions. Perhaps you don’t resonate with the knowledge anymore? Have you expanded in awareness beyond it? Has it not quite landed for you yet? Do you need more or different perspectives? 

If the knowledge has come your way there will be a reason, a gift inherent in that knowledge somewhere. So go deep. Find the gift. And then apply it.

Embody the gift.

Big love