From Shadow to Light

If there is one thing which we must all understand, it is that our Souls hold no shadow. Our Souls cannot. They are born of the Light, are made of the Light, and exist within the Light.

Our human selves however, in trying to understand the nature of our Soul and how it is part of ‘us’, strive to ascribe deeper meaning to thoughts, actions, and emotions of the inner self.

We as human beings have as a frame of reference our human experiences, human beliefs, and human egos.

Trying to understand something which we have defined as indefinable has led us to develop meaning which aligns with our cultural and societal paradigms.

This is where we have gone wrong.

For we accept that within our cultures, our nature is intrinsically flawed. We justify and explain this by saying ‘we are simply human, flaws are part of who we are’. Yet this is based on a false premise that we are seperate from our Soul.

We are not.

We believe that our humanness is the greater part of who we are. This could not be further from the truth.

Our Soul is by far the greater part of us and it is only our inability to understand this that keeps us in the looping paradigm of separation.

As part of the separation we have attempted to categorise and label different aspects of our humanness, once again trying to give meaning to that which we don’t fully understand.

This has resulted in beliefs and cultural mores which only serve separation consciousness, not unity consciousness.

Often the journey of separation includes acceptance of a shadow aspect of our selves. Shadows, archetypes, and polarity, are all beliefs of a Newtonian model which serve to keep us engaged and invested in our own separation from our Souls.

Which leads us to ask the question: if our Soul has no shadow, why is our human experience based on the belief that we do?

The answer is simple: because we have been taught to believe we are separate from our Soul.

Once we embody the understanding that we are not separate, that our Soul is the greater part of ‘who we are’, then there can be no separation, no shadow.

The work which many journey through which includes shadow and archetypal aspects, is often a necessary step in moving toward expanded awareness of our true natures.

To understand the truth of something, we often need to travel through its depths. The belief in our own shadow side may need to be delved into for us to arrive at the conclusion that there is indeed no shadow at all.