What Are Sister Circles?

There is something profoundly healing that happens when women gather together.

A Circle is a sacred space where women can show up as exactly who they are: to be seen, to be heard, and to be held.

There is no agenda in Circle work, only the intention to hold space for vulnerability, and for strength.

We all have our stories, and Circle is a place to share them. To release the pain, to share the joy, to allow ourselves to be embraced by the power and compassion of other women.

Circles are where we experience the true healing power of our divine feminine natures. 

They are places to receive nurturing, love and wisdom. And they are places where we offer that to others.

To sit in Circle with other women is to enter a space of transformation and grace. With hearts wide open, we are supported as we delve into our inner being and bring light to our fears. 

Often deep healing occurs as we move through layers, revealing the truth of inner natures, allowing our innate wisdom to come to the surface. Insights and realisations are common as we are given space to explore, without judgement.

To be supported unconditionally is one of most beautiful gifts of Circle.

Will you join me?