Start Where You’re At

There’s a lot of talk about how you have to earn your stripes and do a certain amount of study and practice to be a successful intuitive/reader/psychic/healer.

There’s a whole heap of beliefs out there limiting you into moving through your growth at a certain pace in a certain way: ie you must have ‘x’ number of readings under your belt before you can charge; you must have studied ‘x’ before you can begin your own business; you need to have cleared ‘x’ before you can help others.

You don’t have to start at the beginning and work through to the finish. You can step into this journey wherever you are.

This is why I have different levels of mentoring that are beyond the healing and channelling work that I do. Because people can then identify, using their own intuition and inner guidance, where they’re ready to start from.

I don’t necessarily believe you have to start from scratch if you already have a skill developed.

I have worked through the stages of the Oracle, through the Sage, through the Alchemist. I am at Mystic level. This has been my world for 50 years. This is not something I studied for 1 month, or 2, or 12 – this has been my life. When you work with me you get a lifetime of wisdom at your disposal.

Know who you are. Reach out for and accept guidance, but make your own decisions about how it relates to you. Just because someone tells you something and they believe it’s true, doesn’t mean it has to be true for you.

Are we all gifted? Yes, we are. When and how you embody those gifts and bring them out to be seen is up to you. If you’re already playing with cards, doing readings, empathically receiving information, connecting to something greater than yourself: then you don’t have to begin at the beginning and learn this all over again.

Own where you’re at. Own your path and where you are on it. You’re allowed to. Give yourself permission. Heck, If you need it, I’ll even give you my permission!

Don’t downplay your gifts to fit someones elses beliefs or timelines. Be you!