Abundance -You have to invite it in

Abundance and the Law of Attraction

Here’s a thought… what if you don’t get to pick and choose what kind of Abundance you get?

What if… you get to have it all?

So often we hone in on one type of abundance that we want (usually one we think we don’t currently have). ie money

We tend to get laser focussed on the attainment of our goal. We do all the work, say all the affirmations, do the visualisations, and yet still money doesn’t flow to us.

So here’s the thing, if we ask for abundance in one area of our life, we kind of have to ask for it in ALL areas of our life.

The universe doesn’t work with limitation. If you ask for abundance, you’d better be ready to receive it everywhere.

So when you focus just on one type of abundance, the universe can’t deliver if you’re not open to receive all the other types as well.

It’s not a multiple choice question and you don’t get to choose. Abundance is abundance is abundance.

Get on the abundance train and invite ALL of it in.

Big love 💚