Ground Through Your Heart

We all have heard about grounding into the earth.  It’s that beautiful process of connecting into the centre of the earth and letting everything that no longer serves, everything unwanted, drain out of you.  In its place drawing up the earths energy to fill you with peace, strength and calm.

This is a practice that I use everyday in some way.  It’s one of the basic principles and rituals which form the foundation of my days.

The grounding technique is usually done through the root chakra i.e. sending cords or ‘tree roots’ deep into Mother Earth.

Grounding through your Heart however, happens in a very different way.  Let me explain…

One of my daily awareness practices is to connect to Light; The Solar Logos. I do this by allowing the Light energy to enter in through my Heart, moving throughout my physical body, then extending further throughout my Light Bodies and energetic fields: becoming a Unified Field of Light.  (I’ll explain the Unified Field more in a future post)

Once the Light has entered and flooded my fields with its divine energy, I allow a thread of Light to move from my Heart, down through my lower chakras, down through my Omega Chakra and Earth Star, and from there down into the centre of the earth.

Here I connect this thread, with the help of the Guardians of Mother Earth, to the Central Earth Crystal: grounding me into an energy which holds me, while allowing me to rise.

One of the most repeated messages from my ‘team’, is that our vibration is rising.  But that Mother Earths vibration is rising too. In fact, hers has been on the upward rise far longer than ours. If our growth and expansion is to continue, we must rise together.

Grounding into mother earth through our Heart, allows that to happen.

I do this as part of my morning meditation ritual, but it can be done anywhere at any time.

Try this next time you’re meditating and feel the difference.  Allow a thread of Light to extend from your Heart, down into Mother Earth. Connect. Let her hold you, support you. Feel yourself matching her vibration. as together you rise.

Imagine, living connected to the divine while rising with Mother Earth.  How perfect does that sound?

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments.  I’d love to hear!