Coming Out Of The Psychic Closet

I’m psychic.

There, I’ve said it.

And make no mistake, it’s taken me years to get to this point where I can say it openly, with deep inner belief and understanding of exactly what that means.

I’m one of those people who dreams in technicolour. I always have been. When I’d tell someone about a dream, it would be in vivid detail including colour, sounds, smells, and feelings. A lot of my dreams, particularly as a child, were of me being hunted. Sometimes by someone I ‘knew’, and sometimes by an unseen, unknown force bearing down on me relentlessly.

The common theme amongst all these dreams, was that I had to hide. It just wasn’t safe for me to be seen. And if I was found, well, let’s just say I knew what the outcome would be.

Now, amongst all these dreams, was one in particular. It felt more ‘real’ than the others and I can still recall it as if I first dreamed it only last night.

I was a woman in my mid thirties, with long blonde hair. It seemed like the 1400’s by the look of my surroundings and by my dress. I was living in a cottage, the interior of which was dark with exposed beams around and above me. There was shouting going on and men were hammering on my door. I knew with complete certainty they were trying to find me, to kill me. They believed me to be a witch. I was terrified.

I stood at the back of the room, hiding behind a wooden beam, my back jammed up hard against it, my breathing rasping in my chest. I turned my head slightly to the left to speak to a tall figure standing there. He appeared cloaked in a white glow, standing very close, and leaned in further to whisper to me. He was my guide. Telling me where to hide, to be quiet, to trust him. He kept glancing toward the door, then back to me. Smiling and whispering reassuringly.

I woke from that dream with an intense feeling of fear, but also of reconnection with a part of myself I had been denying. The mystical knowledge, remembered wisdom and divine connection was so intrinsically a part of me it had followed me through lifetimes. And with it had come the fear of being found, of being seen.

I believe that dream was more than just a ‘dream’; it was a past life memory that had affected me so profoundly I had brought it with me into this one.

So why is that dream so important? What message does it hold, for me, and for you?

I don’t have to hide any longer. And neither do you.

It is safe to talk about our deep inner beliefs. I can discuss my spiritual practices, my inner world of ritual, meditation and connection with confidence and ease. I am able to offer my own learnings and wisdom with trust and love.

For me, you, and others like us who live deeply connected to the spiritual world, now is the time to come forward, step into the light and tell our truth.

Yes, I’m psychic. I speak to dead people. I speak to my guides, and to yours. I sense, feel and see the world in a multi-dimensional way. I am an empath. I feel the world deeply. I have access to the past, and sometimes to the future. I work with crystals, cards, music, light and love. My team of guides, guardians, angels and protectors are with me constantly; helping me, help you.

I believe we live in a time where we are being called to embrace our light. To show it to the world, so that others may see it is safe to shine also.

We cannot heal the world by living in darkness and fear.

For those of us called to this healing, to this work, now IS the time.

I invite you to step out of your psychic closet. Embrace who you are.

Share your light.