Am I Psychic?

One of the ways I work with my clients is through Spiritual Mentoring.  These sessions are where we explore their connection to Spirit, expand their awareness and deepen their practice.  Through teaching rituals, tools and techniques a deeper understanding of their relationship with Spirit is allowed to develop.

There comes a point in these sessions where I usually get asked, “am I psychic?”

I always answer “yes!”.

And this is the part I love, because they then ask, “how do I know if I’m psychic and not just a little bit crazy?”

Love.  It.

I tell them everyone is psychic (whether they want to acknowledge or embrace it is a different matter).

A friend of mine says being psychic isn’t about crushed purple velvet and tie dye.  She’s right.  It’s not even about crystal balls, witches and ghosts (although I’m not adverse to a good quartz crystal now and then).

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psȳchikós, meaning of the soul.

When we meditate the noise and distractions of our world get to drop away.  In this state, our energy becomes quiet.  Our mind becomes quiet.  And we can ‘listen’ and ‘feel’ in a whole new way.

We begin to experience our world through our Soul.

When we carry that state of quiet within us, we begin to relate to our world and the people in it, in more complex ways.

Our awareness expands and the world shifts to multi-dimensional.

Now, what does that look like in every day terms?  It begins with the ‘clairs’.

These are terms most people are familiar with and are the ‘gifts’ we usually associate with being psychic:  clair-sentience, clair-voyance, clair-cognizance etc.

The ‘clairs’ speak to our gut instinct, that bad vibe we get, and the ‘I just knew it’ moments.

They also speak to the shadows we see out of the corner of our eyes, the chill we get when entering a certain room, the scent of roses that reminds us of grandma or the tobacco smell that comes out of nowhere and makes us think of granddad.  And yes, they speak to the things that go bump in the night.

It also includes our natural state of empathy.  When someone says “hello”, and instead of hearing a short two syllable word of greeting, you hear a short audiobook.  Sometimes you see a movie.  With subtitles.  In technicolour.  And sometimes it even comes with a synopsis of the prequel and sequel.

Are you crazy if you see dear old uncle Albert sitting on your lounge occasionally?  Well you might be, but odds are you’re just experiencing your world in a more complex, multi-dimensional way.

As if everyone else is living in a world that’s 1 dimensional, and you’re living in a world that’s 4 dimensional, with all the colours, layers, and nuances that come with it.

In other words, you’re using your expanded senses to literally make sense of an expanded world.

And that’s psychic!