Claiming Sovereignty Over My Space

As a child I used to have nightmares.

Living, breathing nightmares that would rise up out of the darkness each night to terrorise me.

The black panther pacing back and forth on top of my wardrobe.

The vicious tribal man waiting under my bed, knife poised, waiting to stab me through the mattress.

As a child, all I knew was that I was being hunted and my bedroom was no sanctuary against the onslaught.

To my childs senses, it was overwhelming and terrifying.  And very, very real.

Now as an adult, those night terrors sometimes take on a new form.  Energies, good, bad and everything in between, try to take up residence in my light field.  When I’m tired or stressed and less vigilant, I’m aware of them in my home, in my bedroom.

It took many years for me to understand that in order for the frightening night terrors to disappear, I needed to claim sovereignty over my space.

Using space cleansing techniques like sacred smoke, mantras and affirmations, sound and light, I am able to energetically change the vibration in my home so these unwelcome energies cannot take up residence.

The lighter I am, the more grounded and connected I am, the easier it is to maintain my space as sacred.  My home becomes an extension of my own energy field;  suffused with loving light and high intention.

hand holding house

Clearing techniques are ancient.  The ones I am called to and have chosen to use as part of my own Space Clearing Ritual are the ones which have spoken to me the loudest, the most purely.  Each day I choose an element, beautiful and supportive, to be called into play.  I allow the energy to envelop me, my family, my home.






I’d love to hear how you protect your space.  Do you use space clearing techniques?  Let me know in the comments below!

xx Theresa