Why Do I Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

I’m often asked about the Salt Lamp I have in my healing room – why I have it and what does it do?

Well, the main thing Salt Lamps do is emit negative ions into the atmosphere.

You know that feeling you get after a thunderstorm, when the air smells crisp and clean? That’s due to the negative ions emitted from the electrical charge of the storm.

Ions are atoms, and can be either negative or positive.  In our modern lives we tend to have more positive ions than negative floating around us – usually caused by the electronics in our lives like tv’s, computers, clothes dryers and fluorescent lighting.  And here’s the thing, it sounds contradictory but we want the negative ions – they’re the ones that help us and give us the great benefits.

Too many positive ions are known to contribute to tiredness, lack of energy, tension and anxiety.

So having a few Salt Lamps around not only looks beautiful, but helps to achieve a balance by bringing more energising and uplifting negative ions into our environment.

Having a healthy balance of negative ions around us is known to have positive biochemical effects:

  • relieves stress
  • boosts our immune system
  • cleans our air quality by removing dust particles and pollens

I have a Salt Lamp in my healing room as well as in a number of rooms in my home.  This is a pic of the one I have in my healing room, nestled in amongst my working crystals.


If you live in a high humidity area, you may find your Salt Lamp starts to ‘sweat’ a little. This is normal as the lamp is made from real salt and it has a natural ability to draw moisture out of its environment. Because of this, never wipe it down with a wet cloth or wash it in water – it will start to dissolve!

Keeping it lit with a low wattage globe will keep the salt ‘dry’ because of the heat generated from the globe. 

In nature negative irons are in abundance at the beach, in forests and near waterfalls. As beautiful as Salt Lamps are, they’re no replacement for the real thing. So if you can, open your windows and doors, get the air moving through your space, or even invest in a small water fountain.  Better yet, take yourself off for a day of self care and immerse yourself in the healing energy of nature.


Wishing you love, blessings and lots of negative ions,

xx Theresa