My Valentines Wish For You

Valentines Day is a day for lovers.  A day to openly cherish and declare our love for our partners.  A day to embrace the schmaltz and cheesiness of a ritual whose roots have long been forgotten in the commercialised reality of the world.

But what if you’re single?

Who do you send flowers and cards to then?  Who do you make a special breakfast for?  Who do you gaze at lovingly and whisper the secrets of your soul to?

Let me fill you in on a little secret…you my love, are the love of your life.

You’re already in the the most important relationship of your life.   And it’s with YOU.

You are born in it, and you’ll die in it.  How and who you spend it with is a whole other story.

If you say ‘I love you’ to someone else, before first fully loving yourself, you’re really saying, ‘I can’t teach you how to love me, because I’m not really sure I know how to love myself.  So I’ll spend all my energy loving you, because that’s more important than what I get back.’

Loving yourself, and learning how to give to yourself,  can be the most challenging relationship you’ll ever experience.  But it can also bring the highest rewards.

When you love yourself, teaching someone else how to love you in return becomes an easy path.  The boundaries you set, knowing what you deserve, knowing what you won’t settle for, become the foundation for relationships that uplift and expand you.

The people you attract into your life when you live from a place of self love, self belief and self worth, are so different to the people you attract when you come from a place of self doubt.

If you want friends and a partner who adore you, first adore yourself.

If you want to be cherished, first cherish yourself.

If you want to be supported, first support yourself.

If you want to be loved, first love yourself.

So this Valentines Day ask yourself, how can I let myself know how much I care?

A long soak in a bath?  Buying yourself some flowers?  Taking a nap?  Going for a run?  Write yourself a love letter, pouring your heart and soul onto the page, your dreams and fears?

shutterstock_woman drinking tea
Whatever it is that fills up your cup of love, choose THAT.  And give yourself the gift of love.

From my heart, to yours.
I love you

xx Theresa