What I Want

It’s Mothers Day here in Australia.  I woke up with an old Spice Girls song running in my head:

“Let me tell you what I want, what I really really want…”

So I lay in bed thinking about that. What do I want? And I mean really, really want. The kind of wanting that fills my soul and makes my heart ache. The kind of wanting that, if only I could have it, hold it in my hands, surely the world as I know it would change and everyone would suddenly begin to love each other. And mean it.

Then it struck me. That lightning bolt moment. The ‘aha’ of Oprah fame.

I CAN have what I want. I understand the law of attraction and how to manifest my dreams into reality. I’ve read all the books on it. I’ve meditated and visualised. I KNOW how to do this. I’ve been the CONSCIOUS co-creator of my own reality so many times already. And I’ve don’t it all with humility and gratitude.

But here’s the thing: there are so many realities I’ve never dared to create because on some level, I haven’t been totally honest with myself. That avoidance and reluctance has stopped me from looking too deeply, from diving into the greater depths of possibility. It’s stopped me from giving myself permission to put my needs, wants and desires first. Because if I drag those dreams up into the light, then I might have to do something with them.

And that reluctance has come from a place of fear.

So… in the interests of staring fear in the face, and bravely going where I’ve never gone before (I’m having a little Star Wars moment here), I’m now asking myself;

‘What do I want. Really, really want?’

And I answered…

‘Let me tell you what I want, what I really really want…’

I want to live my life in love. To allow the energy of love to suffuse through every cell of my being, spilling into every crevice of my relationships, my work and my life.

I want to know who I am. Not just the me living in this house, living this life. But the me at a soul level, at a much bigger cosmic level. Where I fit into the universal plan. Why I’ve chosen these lessons to learn and how this knowledge lends itself to completing me.

I want to live a life where I’m constantly co-creating with the universe. A life filled with possibility, love, compassion, growth and expansion.

I want my son and my daughter to know that this world is here to support them.   In all their dreams and desires.

I want my son and daughter to know that for them NOT to shine their light and show their true selves to this world would be an enormous loss.   Both for themselves, and for the world.

I want to wake each day knowing I love and am loved in return.

I want to live in the energy of complete acceptance of anothers choices.

I want to live without judgement.   Not judging others. Not judging myself.

I want to live authentically.   Without artifice. Without masks.

I want to love myself so completely that I show up, every day, as the true me. With all my gifts brightly on display.

I want to live without fear.

I want to live in complete freedom.

Have you thought about what you want? Take some time now, go to that quiet place deep inside, have a look around and settle in, just for a few moments.

What do you see?   What do you hear? Is your inner voice saying anything to you? Can you hear it whispering softly…

‘let me tell you what I want, what I really, really want….’