Plot Twist!

Here in Sydney we’ve been drowning in torrential rain, the worst storms in the last 10 years.  As a result of the deluge, my healing room has flooded.

All my precious things:  the tools of my trade;  the sacred objects that I use in sessions with clients;  the chairs we sit on;  the table my clients lie on and where I wrap them up under a blanket of warmth and love;  all cold and wet.

My space feels invaded.  Disrespected.  Dishonoured.

Anger came first, then a deep sadness.

Sadness that perhaps I had not honoured the space as much as  it deserved.  Yes, it’s old:  the windows are crooked; the latches not quite fastening; the door a little wonky.  But the space felt like such a gift when I moved in.  A space that was a sanctuary, for both myself and my clients.  A calm space where my brave and extraordinary clients could be seen and heard, and where they could gently release their fears and pain.  Where they could begin to move into the truth and honesty of knowing their own light.

My personal story has lots of plot twists, usually centring around standing in my truth and integrity, embracing my gifts and accepting the divinity of my own light.  Just as I get to the point where I stand in my power and am ready to shout it to the world… bam! plot twist!  Something crops up to throw me off or send me stumbling backwards.  The universe, in its infinite wisdom, giving me yet another opportunity to confirm that yes, this is indeed the direction I intend to go in.

Our outer world is a reflection of what is happening inside us.  Had I, unknowingly, somewhere over the past year, been disrespecting myself and my work?  Had fear crept so far in?  Had I stepped out of grace?  Had my power slipped away without my even noticing it?

I had to ask myself, was my healing space being taken away from me, yet another plot twist?

Over the next few days, as the rain slowly begins to ease off and I can begin the drying out process, I intend to focus on releasing the need for plot twists!  Energetically I can work through the processes, finding where the programmes, beliefs or patterns are hiding in the different parts of my Being, acknowledge them, and let them go.  I set my intention now that this will be done with ease and grace.

And in the process, from a space of deep gratitude, I will call my power back into myself.

The work I do is sacred.

I honour myself.

I honour my gifts.

I honour my clients.

No more plot twists!