My Tea Meditation

My life is full of small, even tiny rituals.  I used to think of them as insignificant.   But as my life changed, dramatically and painfully, these small moments of my day became increasingly important to me.

The way I wake in the morning is now a wonderful few moments of reflection and gratitude.

My bath time.  Quiet moments to call my energy back into myself:  has become a supreme act of self love.

The clothes I choose to wear each day.  An opportunity to remind myself I am loved, honoured and valued – by me.

And my tea.

I love my tea.  My tea ritual has become a lesson in meditation for me.  It is in these moments, waiting for the kettle to boil, gently warming the pot, choosing which cup to drink from, where I feel most present and grounded.  For those few minutes there is nothing else to do and nowhere else to be, but right there.

And when I take myself to my favourite spot with my little tray of accoutrements, inhaling the sweet scent of my chosen tea, it is then that I feel most connected to the Divine.   In the space my ritual allows me, I can become quiet enough to hear the whispers of my soul.  The murmurings which are drowned out by the noisy busyness of the day are given the silence they deserve, and they are heard.  My connection is strongest when I am quiet, I know this, and my tea meditation provides a wonderful space for me to honour that Higher Guidance.  With each sip, I become more grounded, more peaceful and more aware of the vastness of the universe and my place in it.  The worries and stresses now seem insignificant, and slowly, sip by sip, all becomes well in my world.