I have a very special girlfriend.

The one who I know will always tell me the truth, no matter what.  I’m sure you’ve got one too.  You know, the one you ring when you need to vent?  The one who listens with compassion, murmuring ‘ah yes’ and gasping an ‘oh no’ at the perfect time?

For me, it’s when I’ve ranted all I can and the conversation lends itself to a pause so I can draw breath, that she then comes out with a spiritual gem, dripping in deep wisdom, which brings me to that ‘aha’ moment!

And that’s when my girlfriend says to me, ‘hey darl, you’re out of flow’.

She then laughs, pauses, and waits expectantly for the penny to drop and for me to get my act together and mooch back on over into flow.

That conversation usually ends with me exasperated, mumbling something terribly impolite under my breath and dejectedly going off to drown my sorrows in a pot of tea.

Here’s the thing, I’m exasperated because I usually don’t realise I’m out of flow until it’s too late.

And by the time I have realised, I’ve completely abandoned all semblance of the calm, grounded, trusting the bigger picture kind of thinking I like to have, and I’ve jumped ship into the murky waters of mistrustful, confused, agitated and irritated emotional drains.

I know the signs.

It’s when things aren’t going so well and I’ve had my 7th cup of tea for the day.

When I shut down my laptop with a disgruntled click and find myself on the lounge reaching for the remote and a piece of chocolate.

When I look to the sky and implore the universe to explain to me exactly what’s so hard about fulfilling my wish list.  NOW.

It’s in THAT moment when the answer gently floats into my awareness on a whisper, ‘hey there sweetheart, you’re out of flow’.

Of course I’m out of flow.  I know the universal laws don’t work on demand like that.  I just wish I’d realised sooner how far OUT of flow I’d drifted.

So from here on I’m taking a stand, setting my intention, proclaiming it to the universe (and whoever else will listen), that when life is going smoothly, easily and with grace, I WILL stop to smell the roses.  I WILL pause long enough to appreciate the moment, to smile to myself and acknowledge the beauty and simplicity of being in flow.

I don’t want to take those moments for granted.  I want to be fully present.  In the moment.  Full of grace.  Full of light.  Knowing all is well and as it should be.  In flow.

Do you know when you’re in flow?

Do you notice when you’re in it?  Or out of it?

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.