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"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line."

Lucille Ball

Special Guided Sessions To Catapult Your Growth

All the special offers are for a limited time only.
When I am guided to take the offer down it will disappear until/if I am guided to revisit it in a higher form.

Abundance Codes

A Channelled Elevation Session

I first brought these through on the New Moon in August 2020. Since then they have become an evolutionary pathway for change, anchoring in higher frequencies to facilitate soul growth at this time.

The New Moon is the time when the first light appears in the dark sky. A rebirth. A reawakening.

Bring the energies of hope, desire, expansion, trust and love into your being and allow your life to take on a new light.

There is a time when the dark of night has passed but the new day has not yet come to be - this is the twilight, the transition. The moments before dawn when the light is its most fragile and delicate but filled with the promise of what is to come.

✨✨✨This is the energy of these Abundance Codes.

I offer to you a 30minute channelled session where I call upon the energies of your guides, your guardians, your angels, and your ancestors to hold space for the Codes to anchor into the fabric of your being. They take their place and weave into your DNA, your cells, your thoughts, and into your heart energy.

This is a beautiful meditative process where you simply receive the light and love of Source to support your foundation, in the present moment, here and NOW.

The session can be recorded so you can listen back to the meditation as often as you would like. Each time the Codes receive added energy to activate and bring them 'online' within your field.

Each session is unique and channelled for the individual. No two meditations will be alike.

If you would like a personalised Abundance Code session we would love to share these with you.

New Moon Abundance Circle
  • 30mins
  • Online Session
  • $80 AUD

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